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Lock Specialist

Locksmith service in Albufeira

24/7 rapid response

Locksmith service 

Contact us: 914002080

AlgarveLocks Albufeira

Rapid response areas:


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The AlgarveLocks is a local company, with specialized locksmith's in Albufeira.

We are available to solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a wek.

Openning Doors

Openning Safes

Vehicle Openning

Lock Repair / Replacement

Cylinder Locks Replacement

Do you lost your Key?

Are you locked out ofyour home or your vehicle?

Do you want to change your lock?

Call to us now: 91 400 20 80

Albufeira Locksmith service, 24 hours per day

We are proud to provide excellent service in the area of Door Opening and Locksmith Change in Albufeira.
We work exclusively in the main cities of the Algarve in partnership with other local companies. That way we offer a faster and more efficient response, since it speaks directly with the technician who provides the door opener service. Call and talk to us, we can solve your problem.

We are in Albufeira, call us now!

Schedule a Service:

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Contact the technician directly:


Tel: +351 91 400 20 80

Please contact us through our email or number (914002080). We have Pickets available to open your door or change your lock in the Algarve.


Problems such as locking, locking the key inside the house or vehicle, locked safes, key broken in the lock, door does not open or how to open keyless door occur in everyday life without waiting. In this situation the best you have to do is contact AlgarveLocks to open your door without damaging or replacing the lock before it is locked on the street.


Replacing the lock because it does not work well or because changing the key is one of our functions. Replacing cannon or replacing secret is the best solution for changing keys while keeping your original lock.


That way we provide services to the address 24 hours with a response in 10 minutes.


Number 24 hours: 91 400 20 80


For scheduling or more information of opening of doors in Albufeira we have the number 24 hours: 914002080



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Tel: 91 400 20 80

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